Obama’s pal Tony Rezko who got him shady land deal gets 10 1/2 years in jail – media silent

obama-frownDid you hear that Obama’s pal got 10 1/2 years in prison? I didn’t until I read Newsbusters. None of the lame stream media mentioned this, and I didn’t see it mentioned on Fox News either. Newsbusters points out it was mentioned on Fox News by Shannon Bream and Fox Business Network, and briefly on CNN’s “John King USA” show. But no other media outlet touched this story (big shock.) Tony Rezko of course is famous for among other things, his shady land deal with Obama in 2005.

Back then, Obama bought a home in Chicago for $1.65 (aka 1 one percenter as occutards would say.) On the same day in 2005, Rezko bought the vacant lot next door to Obama’s “new” home for about $625,000. Rezko bought the property in his wife’s name. In an amazing coincidence, Rezko sold a portion of that vacant lot to Obama far below market value. This allowed Marxist Obama to expand his yard and increase his property value. Rezko of course in addition to being a friend of the Obamas’ was also a top fund raiser. Tony Rezko was sentenced to 10-1/2 years in prison for corruption and extortion. The Chicago way.

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  • Amazingoly

    Where there is smoke, there is fire, folks.  Corruption is catching.

  • Bessiepotter21

    What most people don’t know is that Tony Rezko was broke at the time of this purchase, it was put in his wifes name who at the time was making $37,000. a year…She did not qualify for this loan….Although, Tony Rezko had just received a “loan” from Nadmi Auchi for $3. million dollars…Tony Rezko’s partner Daniel T. Frawley was working for the feds as a covert informant for years who will be sentenced just day’s before Christmas on December 20 and 21…Why 2 day’s I do not know???

  • Bessiepotter21

    The only reason Barack Obama has not yet thrown Eric Holder under the bus is because he needs him to act as a firewall between himself and “Operation Board Games”…It’s not over yet, Daniel T. Frawley who acted as an informant for years wearing a wire and recording conversations had many interactions with Obama and his staff has yet to be sentenced…People should be asking WHY Obama chose Eric Holder to begin with??? WHY did Rod Blagojevich hire Holder back in 2004 to investigate possible “mob ties” in Illinois casino gambling???  Frawley’s sentencing date has been postponed 5 different times and is currently scheduled for December 20 & 21, two court dates just day’s before Christmas…REALLY???

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