$200 million of your tax dollars wasted on Egyptian elections

obama-pictureNot only did Obama bumble and fumble the so called “Arab Spring” in Egypt and the rest of the world, he got the Muslim Brotherhood elected in the process. As if this isn’t bad enough, he pissed away $200 million of our tax money to do so! This info comes from Newsmax via Gateway Pundit:

A Washington-based consultant who works with USAID and the State Department says the focus of the aid to Egypt has been on helping the smaller political parties that are competing against the better organized Freedom and Justice Party, the Muslim Brotherhood’s party.

This week saw the first round of Parliamentary elections, with voting in nine of the country’s 27 provinces. The staggered elections will continue over the coming months. The Freedom and Justice Party won 40 percent of the vote on Wednesday, with an additional 15 percent going to the Salafis, a group of hard-line Islamists who reject the right of women to vote.