Video: Occutard ambushes Bill O’Reilly outside White House

bill-oreilly_0Heh. It was a stormy night in DC last night. Gasbag Bill O’Reilly did his show in DC. Seems on occutard from Wisconsin tried to ambush Bill O’Reilly as he was on his way to the White House Christmas Dinner. Or so Fox News claims. The occutard filming O’Reilly claims he was leaving a Newt Gingrich fund raiser. What happens next is a bit of the occutards getting a taste of the their medicine.

After O’Reilly the umbrella went into the camera O’Reilly (i think) says jokingly “hey, sorry about that.” Yea. uh huh. I first saw this video posted at TV Newser. Considering the violence committed by these same occutards who decided to ambush O’Reilly, it should be quite fun watching them whine about O’Reilly and his umbrella.

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