Way to go occutards! Milk Street Cafe shutting down Thursday killing 70 middle class jobs

obama_snobAll day, all night, killing jobs on Wall Street! Lets give a huge congratulation to Obama’s Occupy Wall Street. They’ve accomplished one of their goals. Kill a business and put more middle class workers out of a job and on unemployment insurance! According to Hot Air, Milk Street Cafe located at 40 Wall Street is shutting down this coming Thursday. Their business went down the toilet when the occutards began their encampment in September. Milk Street Cafe had to cut 20 jobs in October because of the smelly occutards scaring away possible customers who wanted to dine at the restaurant. Now, the restaurant is closing it’s doors for good on Thursday because of the barricades that remain in front of the restaurant to protect it from the occutards who return during the day time. This means that the remaining 70 workers at the restaurant will be out of a job with about a week and a half to go before Christmas.

Obama’s useful idiots strike again. I’m sure this wouldn’t be the last place to close down thanks to the filthy, smelly occutards. That’ll sure teach those greedy CEOs and politicians who make all that money wouldn’t it occutards? You know, like Jon Corzine?

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