Donald Trump gave Rahm Emanuel $50,000 for his Illinois mayoral campaign in December 2010

donald-trumpRemember last year when “The Donald” was all around the Tea Parties speaking for certain candidates at the rallies? As usual. that proved to be nothing but a crock of shit as NBC Chicago is reporting that Trump gave Rahm Emanuel a $50,000 campaign contribution for his run for mayor of Chicago. The $50,000 contribution to Emanuel was given exactly one year ago today. December, 23 2010, AFTER the Obama shellacking.  Dead fish Emanuel was surely a tea party candidate running last year wasn’t he?. Oh and did you know that Trump donated $2,000 to Rod Blagojevich in 2002 also? Want to see who else Trump gave to in Illinois? Check out the state’s board of election web site which lists contributors.

Maybe dumb Donald should replace Joe Biden as VP and be Obama’s running mate next year.

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