Obama’s occupiers now at 5,748 total arrests

obama-flyHey, is it great how third graders in Virginia are now being indoctrinated in anarchist propaganda with Occupy Wall Street? In a few years, when they have hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt put on them by progressive liberal Democrats and squishy RINOs today, they too can join the movement that sh*ts on cars or the side walk, or is into public jerking off. As of now, the @OccupyArrests Twitter bot is reporting that Obama’s occupiers have surpassed 5,700 total arrests.

Not bad for about a quarter of a year or three months of hippie, grunge, drums and drugs. Multiply that by four, and that would be about 20,000+ arrests per year! With the elections this year, why do I think that total isn’t too far fetched?

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