Race hustler Al Sharpton on MSNBC: The Republican party has been in a mad rush to its extreme WHITE wing

al-sharptonYet another fine example of the “talent” that NBC employs. Even after dumping bath tub boy Keith Olbermann, they still employ radical Marxist hacks like Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, Larry (Socialist) O’Donnell, etc. They also love the race hustlers like Al Sharpton. It’s no shock that Sharpton is one, but flat out exposing it on his little watched show wasn’t exactly the smartest move. I don’t watch MSNBC (or NBC period), but Newsbusters does. They posted a clip of Sharpton proclaiming: “the Republican party has been in a mad rush to its extreme white wing.”

Of course, this is coming from the same network that suspended one of it’s “contributors” for calling Obama a dick.

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