Shocker! (Not) Jeb Bush to endorse Mitt Romney before the Florida primary

mitt-romneyFlaming RINO Jeb Bush is about to endorse the flaming RINO GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney before the Florida Republican primary. I can’t say I’m shocked. The Bushies are in the same mold as Romney so it makes perfect sense. And unlike the John McCain endorsement of Romney, this one might actually be significant. Why? Because Jeb Bush remains a very popular man in Florida and was a very popular Governor. Then again, so was Charlie Christ.

I’ll bet daddy Bush and Dubya are hoping that Mittens picks Jeb as his running mate if he gets the nomination. Personally, I think he’ll pick Chris Christie if he gets the nomination.

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  • Hectorzhrodague


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  • Anonymous

    Many thought that Jeb Bush should have run in 2008 so Obama wouldn’t be elected.  This is big news and it proves Romney will be the eventual nominee. 
    The only two states Romney wasn’t supposed to win Iowa and South Carolina will be so close that it shows Romney will win in the end and no one can stop Romney from making it all the way to the White House with Republican majorities in the House and Senate to make this century and American century of greatness.