MSNBC propaganda Lean Forward TV ad: Republican tax policy is like blacks at the back of the bus

al-sharptonResist we much! Those hoping that Comcast would improve NBC’s brand when they bought it from GE are being disappointed. NBC is still the same Obama shilling, bowing network it was when General Electric owned and and MSNBC is still the race baiting, left wing propaganda network it was when General Electric owned it. So much so, they are airing a new TV ad featuring Al Sharpton comparing Republican tax policy to women not being allowed to vote and blacks being forced to sit at the back of the bus.

AL SHARPTON: They give tax cuts and loopholes to the rich, and they act like it’s acceptable saying by-and-by, it’ll trickle down to you. It’s not acceptable to us. It was a time it was acceptable women couldn’t vote and blacks were in the back of the bus. A lot of things were acceptable–until we stopped accepting it.

Video posted by Newsbusters

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