Jeb Bush whines that Gingrich needs to stop comparing Mitt Romney to Charlie Crist

mitt-romneyOn one side, you have the Newt Gingrich camp whining about last night’s debate being “packed” with Mittens supporters. On this side, you have Jeb Bushing whining at Gingrich to stop comparing Mitt Romney to Charlie Crist. Bush was supposed to endorse Mittens before the Florida but decided against it after the disaster it turned out to be for South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. Enough of this damn whining already! Jeb Bush whined to the National Review about the Romney/Crist comparisons.

“That’s not a serious accusation,” Bush says. “Candidates win elections. I’m not a big Charlie Crist fan, as you recall, but these guys shouldn’t have that moniker attached to them, as if Governor Romney is part of some evil plot. That’s ridiculous.”

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