High five! CNN suspends race baiting leftist hack Roland Martin over what GLAAD claimed homophobic tweets

communist-news-networkI have to admit. Last night’s election coverage by Fox News was abysmal. I actually found myself watching CNN’s election coverage last night more than Fox News. CNN was far superior with their coverage even with their far left bias. Fox News seemed to be depressed that Rick Santorum won and their favorite Mitt Romney got embarrassed. One of the leftist hacks on CNN last night was race baiter Roland Martin who made some tweets that were deemed “homophobic” or anti-gay during the Super Bowl. Well today CNN suspended the race baiting hack, who just a few days earlier “high fived” another CNN race baiting leftist hack Soledad O’Brien.

I didn’t find the tweets to be anything that offensive, but of course I’m not gay. Martin has said plenty of far worse things about Republicans and conservatives, and nothing ever happened to him. Oh well. Roland Martin loves political correctness, and it came back to bite him in the ass. He deserves it.

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