Mitt Romney at CPAC 2012 – I’m severely conservative or something (Video)

mitt-romneyMitt Romney’s speech at CPAC 2012 was well, interesting. It wasn’t his usual robotic like flat speech, but actually showed a little passion. Of course Romney vigorously defended his time at Bain Capital (which he should):

“I did some of the things conservatism was designed for.” He said, “I’m not ashamed of being successful for doing it.”

On Medicare, Romney said he was, “on the same page and verse as the Ryan plan.” Unlike Newt Gingrich he didn’t call Ryan’s plan “right wing social engineering.”

But then Romney went off on a tangent and described his time as Governor of Massachusetts as “severely conservative.” If there was a BS detector, the machine would have broke.

The entire video of Romney’s speech is available here. It’s about 35 minutes long. Like I said, the speech is good, got loads of applause, but to a lot of people, it just seemed more like lip service from Romney.

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