Ann Coulter defends Robert DeNiro AND Bill Maher (Video)

bill-maherIf Ann Coulter didn’t already lose it with her lovefest for Mittens and Chris Christie, she’s officially lost it today by defending not only Robert DeNiro and his disgusting racist comments, but even misogynistic pig Bill Maher. Of course Ann Coulter and Bill Maher are close buds, but i’m sure that’s purely a coincidence. I’ve read most of Coulter’s books, was never really a big fan of her, but I always loved her in your face attitude towards progressive liberals. These days, Coulter seems to be more in your face of conservatives who dare criticize Mitt Romney, Chris Christie and now Robert DeNiro and Bill Maher. Apparently those pointing out Maher’s disgusting comments, and pointing out the double standard in the media are “pussies” in Coulter’s world now.

“It’s not that they’ve overreacted — it’s also that we’ve overreacted,” she said. “We’re not pussies like them. We don’t care what names we’re called. We all stop whining and weeping and, ‘Oh he called me a name.’”

“No, I almost didn’t write about it because I thought that the waters had been so muddied with all the cross-charges on what people had been called. But she is my favorite kind of liberal: the hysterical drama queen.”

Then on Twitter, Ann Coulter whined about those who are pissed off at Robert DeNiro for his “Now do you really think our country is ready for a white first lady” crack. Again, the double standard is what is the most maddening here, yet Coulter doesn’t seem to get it. Try to imagine if a conservative had said “do you really think the country is ready for a black first lady?” What would happen? You think it would be just brushed under the rug, ignored and leftists would move on? No, they would have been tarred and feathered now. But in Coulter (and the liberals world), it’s all cool.

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  • sMITTened

    She is Right as always!

  • neworleansann

    I’ve lost interest in Ann Coulter, and yes, I do have all of her books.  I honestly feel she’s got that northern greater than the rest of the country attitude.  She pretty much made it clear that people like me have a problem, because we haven’t yet jumped on board for Romney.  Yes, I am just a dumb southerner, so what do I know?  Ann, I wish you would cool it so that ultimately, I will feel we’re fighting for the same team. 

  • WaynesterAtl

    She has a point. Why be like them?

  • Mindyelle

    she’s out smarting herself…she has no idea how creepy she has gotten. I use to love her and even bought a couple books…won’t make that mistake again.

  • fancypants

    I was a fan of Coulter.  But her intellectual dishonesty during this whole primary has soured me on her, not to mention her attacks on the conservative base. 

  • 2Texayn

    I guess Coulter decided she wanted to attend the ‘good’ parties in DC with the other Beltway Lobotomies

  • Sanmaz

    I used to like her, but now when she’s on TV or being on radio we change the channel rather then listen to her.  I think Kirsten Powers is more right wing than Coulter.

  • nick

    I am a poor stupid dude from fly over country and I am SOOOO tired of Coulter and her hunger for journalistic TV/print access with statements that prove she has no spine just a spring that bends any way she feels is needed to get noticed, she is no real conservative!

  • Observer

    Sadly, Coulter began openly moving to the Dark side Left several years ago and even dated (may still be dating) Maher.  Another long time leftist sleeper awakening as the world is taken over by the globalist elites?  Kind of looks like it.

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  • JonInVa

    She’s single because no man could possibly put up with her. She dated Keith Olbermann for goodness sake. She’s in love with Chris Christie for some reason – I think it’s because he’s so obnoxious that she sees a kindred spirit; as if being belligerent and a smart alec is all it takes.

    She’s right on about the left, and mobs, etc. But I question her true commitment to conservative principles. I think at this point, she’s in it for the money and fame.

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  • freecanuck

    She’s occasionally all over the shop with her opinions but that is likely what makes her a fit for conservatism. We are the side of individuality and freedom of speech. If she was only supposed to expound “what everybody knows” then she would be a better fit for msnbc. As would anyone who thinks she should either shutup or read from an approved script.

  • Mark S

    Romney is a big Liberal !

    Mitt’s record is to the Left of most Democrats.

    Read it.

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  • MrRoboto

    A double standard implies two people of equal standing getting different treatment. Given the whole lack of white people being enslaved, the disproportionate rates of black imprisonment and sentencing, the monumental difference in average incomes of blacks to whites, the lack of elected black officials on state and federal level, and the fact that it only took a few hundred years to have a black first lady and a whole bunch in a country where black people are supposedly equals, I don’t think its exactly a fair comparison. 

    I get so sick of these “what if there was a white congressional caucus” arguments.  That kind of thing would be looked at differently, and rightfully so. Not sure if any of you have noticed recently, but white folks have kind of been running EVERYTHING for a long time now. 

  • The Greatest

    “She pretty much made it clear that people like me have a problem,
    because we haven’t yet jumped on board for Romney.  Yes, I am just a
    dumb southerner, so what do I know?  Ann, I wish you would cool it so
    that ultimately, I will feel we’re fighting for the same team. ” – neworleansann

    So you want to feel like we’re fighting for the same team, but you don’t want to enthusiastically support the Republican nominee (Romney)?  I hate to say it, but it really does seem like YOU have the problem.

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