NBC deceptively edits another audio clip – Mitt Romney Mormon question in Wisconsin (Video)

msdncFunny. NBC is supposed to be conducting an “internal investigation” after they were exposed for deceptively editing the George Zimmerman 911 call to make him sound like a racist and a black hater. So much for NBC cleaning up their image. On their left wing propaganda cable network MSNBC, British hack Martin Bashir played an audio clip of Mitt Romney being asked a question at a Wisconsin town hall meeting about Mormons. The transcript of Bashir’s clip posted by Newsbusters is:

MARTIN BASHIR, host: Krystal, I want to play you a clip [from] just a few moments ago. It’s Mitt Romney taking questions at a campaign event. Listen to this.

BRET HATCH: In the Mormon book it says there were a blackness cast upon all the children of Canaan–

MITT ROMNEY: I’m sorry. We ‘re just not going to have a discussion about religion.

BASHIR: Can I ask you how it is that people are allowed to impugn the president’s religion, but when Mitt Romney faces a polite question on the contents of his faith, he refuses to answer?

KRYSTAL BALL, political strategist: It’s a double standard. And one thing that’s going to be really interesting to see down the road is there’s no question that Mitt Romney is going to have that same moment that John McCain had where someone stands up at his rally and says something that is patently false and offensive about the president. How is he going to respond in that circumstance? Will he, as John McCain did, courageously call that person out and say that’s not acceptable, or is he going to –

Bashir tries to make it seem that Romney is dodging the question. Here is the full clip of exchange between Mitt Romney and Bret Hatch:

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  • SeeingDouble

    If Obama should have to answer for Rev. Wright and his twisted theology, so should Mitt Romney.  The Book of Mormon is a hodge-podge written by a charlatan mystic who both plagiarized the Bible as well as contradict it and history.

    That aside, Romney ducked the question.  Who better than a “pastor, if you will” of Mormonism to answer the man’s question?  Yes, Mitt went on after the statement in the Bashir clip, but he did NOT answer the question.  He knows the answer full well: J. Smith explained the color of people from Africa as being a curse for siding with Lucifer. That’s Mormon doctrine, folks!  And the aide to Romney took the mike away from the questioner without allowing the question to be fully asked, and then didn’t answer the question.  That’s a frighteningly Obama-esque response for Mitt and his team.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=710735688 Preston Krueger

    Im going to give you guys a gift here.  I was there with hatch, we planned to do this to prove a point. We didnt intend to just attack his faith but show that he is weak when cornered.  You cant be a successful nominee if you cant defend your own faith. The left will destroy him on his faith even if Obama has said he wont directly do it.  Anyway, below is the video Hatch and I made. I was seated directly between hatch and Romneys staff with the mic.


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