Your tax dollars at work: Obama regime General Services Administration Martha Johnson spends $835,000 on luxury hotels, airfare and a mind reader

barack-obama-arroganceYet another Obama regime official named Martha Johnson has been living it up on the American taxpayer’s teet. According to Fox Nation, Obama’s General Services Administration Martha Johnson have been exposed of excessive spending of taxpayer dollars (again.) I know, it sounds like a broken record from this corrupt regime. Apparently the $835,000 was spent on a “training session” that included airfare, lavish hotels, and a mind reader. They even had a clown and a comedian, although they could have hired pig Bill Maher to fill the roll of both a clown and a comedian.

It’s been reported that the mind reader got paid $3,200. And the “training session” was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The same Las Vegas that Obama told people not to go to, but the wife decided to go and take the kids this past weekend.

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