The new tone! Nimrod Joe Biden – GOP wants firefighters and police to die

sleepy-joe-biden1Well I guess that whole “new tone” bullsht that Democrats preached last year after the Gabby Giffords shooting lasted less than 24 hours. On the heals of Obama’s Green Jobs Czar Van Jones declared that Supreme Court Justice Scalia wanted people to die, Joe Biden, the dumbest Vice President in American history has thrown more gas on the fire. Joe Biden made the ridiculous claims that the Republicans want firefighters and police to die. If there’s anyone who’s calling for police to die, it’s Obama’s and the Democrats Occupy Wall Street nutbags. But facts are a tough thing for a radical leftist. Even one as dumb as Joe Biden.

Biden said it’s a question of public safety, but also of first responder safety.

“There’s one thing we know: the more cops on the street, the fewer cops get killed. The more firefighters responding to a fire, the fewer injuries to the firefighters, because you have each other’s backs,” Biden said.

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