Elderly white man Dallas Watts beaten by six juveniles in Ohio while they yelled – THIS IS FOR TRAYVON (Video)

barack-obama-arroganceIt’s official. ABC, NBC, the pink slime media and the pitiful Congressional Black Caucus wanted a race war in this country, and now it looks like they got it. According to Fox Toledo, 78 year old white man named Dallas Watts was beaten nearly to death by six juveniles who yelled at him “This is for Trayvon.” Watts claims that the six juveniles also yelled “Kill him! Kill him!” and when Watts asked the young thugs why they are beating him they replied: “Remember Trayvon! Remember Trayvon!,” Eventually Watts passed out, but was saved by two good samaritans. If not for those two, it’s possible that Dallas Watts would have died. The thugs stole a pack of pork rinds that Watts bought for his dog. I wonder if Obama will claim the thugs who beat up the 78 year old man would look like his son if he had one.

Hate fueled weekend beating says elderly man: foxtoledo.com

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