WTF? Eric Holder promises NBC’s Al Sharpton a ‘thorough review’ of Trayvon Martin case (Video)

eric-holder1Let me see if I get this straight. Corrupt Attorney General Eric Holder does nothing about the New Black Panther’s bounty on George Zimmerman’s head. Holder ignores the black mob beating, robbing and stripping of a white tourist in Baltimore. Holder doesn’t lift a finger where a black male shot and killed a 29 year old ‘white-Hispanic’ named Daniel Adkins who had mental capacity of a 12-year-old, and still hasn’t been arrested. There’s still crickets from Holder and the pink slime media on the case where Tyrone Woodfork beat to death an elderly 85 year old white women and allegedly raped here. What? These cases don’t qualify as possibly hate or civil rights crimes? Oh, and then there was the most recent case where between five to eight black men beat up a white while yelling TRAYVON leaving permanent damage to his face. The hypocrisy is beyond infuriating. Now Eric Holder is promising NBC’s bomb thrower Al Sharpton a “through review” of the Trayvon Martin/Geroge Zimmerman case? Why not a “thorough review” of all the cases I just mentioned? Oh that’s right, they don’t really count.

Eric Holder is not the Attorney General of the United States. He only represents a radical element of blacks.

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