Daily Beast leftist hack Leslie Bennetts takes a shot at Ann Romney – Claims motherhood is hard work, but it’s not a career

ann-romneyKeep on digging liberals, keep on digging! After pig Bill Maher decided to take a shot at Ann Romney in lieu of the Hilary Rosen smear, more leftists are coming out of the woodwork to slam Ann Romney. You see, according to Daily Beast leftist hack Leslie Bennetts, motherhood may be hard work, but it’s not a career. Anyone defending Ann Romney or stay at home moms simply misses the point according to Leslie Bennetts. According to the so called “expert” on parenting and careers, it’s all about the money. That’s all. Let me directly quote Bennetts’ article:

All mothers know that motherhood involves a lot of hard work, but let’s stop pretending that that’s the same as working for a living.

And there you go.

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