98,000 of Obama’s federal workers owe a combined $3.4 billion in back taxes

obama-eating-chicken-wingNot paying their fair share as usual. According to Newsmax, up to 98,000 of Obama’s federal workforce owe back taxes totalling up to $3.4 billion! This also includes members and staffers of the Democrat controlled U.S. Senate. It is estimated that Senate Democrats and their aids owe up to $2 million alone! It’s also reported that about 36 members of Obama’s executive staff owe more than $800,000 in back taxes! Pay your fair share you fcking hypocrites!

RINO Senator Scott Brown (who i’m forced to support because Elizabeth Warren would be 100x worse) is pushing a bill that would require Congress staffers and members to file financial disclosures forms to report any delinquent tax liability and offer a plan to pay them. Amazingly, the pink slime media is silent as usual.

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