Marine Sgt. Gary Stein given an other-than-honorable discharge for anti-Obama Facebook post

obama2These days in America, and especially under the Obama regime, freedom of speech is only a right for Marxist leftists, perverts, and atheists. God forbid you express your opinion that don’t heap praise and affection on King Hussein Obama, you get punished. According to The Blaze, Marine Sgt. Gary Stein has given an “other-than-honorable discharge” for anti-Obama Facebook post. The page on Facebook is called Armed Forces Tea Party, and Gary Stein says he made his statement on Facebook with a disclaimer, expressing his opinion as an America, and not a Marine.

The government said Stein posted anti-Obama comments and images on one Facebook page he created called Armed Forces Tea Party, including an image of the president on the “Jackass” movie poster. Among the comments was one that stated: “Screw Obama and I will not follow all orders from him.” The page had more than 29,000 “likes” as of Wednesday afternoon.

Stein has maintained he was exercising his right to freedom of speech and that he put a disclaimer on the page saying his views did not represent the Marine Corps.

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  • RushLovesOxycontin

    Former Marine Sgt. Gary Stein has embarrassed the Marine Corp. with his statements. Stein should have been subjected to a court-martial for his stupidity regarding his violations of the code he’d sworn to adhere to.  And as for the asshole that runs this website — fuck you.  This coming from a former Marine who’d kill you and Stein with no regrets

    • LibtardsRKillingtheUSA

       So, you’d kill someone for not agreeing with them? You sir, are an idiot.

  • Sblellc

    If the “ex-Marine” said “Screw Obama and I will not follow all orders from him” and  felt that “his views did not represent the Marine Corps” then he does not understand the basic fundamentals of what the Marine Corps. is about, or the chain of command. He also is poorly equipped to enter society as a civilian if he hasn’t grasped the concept of what insubordination is about by now. Finally, it’s in the Bible, Romans 13:1-4, “Obey the government , for God is the one who has put it there. There is no government anywhere that God has not placed in power. So those who refuse to obey the laws of the land are refusing to obey God, and punishment will follow.

    The ex-Marine should be thankful for having had the opportunity serve his country and his country is proud of him for doing so for these past nine (9) years. It is truly unfortunate that it had to end in the manner that it did, as “Other than Honorable” because I know how much I cherish my Honorable Discharge from the United States Navy.