Marine Sgt. Gary Stein given an other-than-honorable discharge for anti-Obama Facebook post

obama2These days in America, and especially under the Obama regime, freedom of speech is only a right for Marxist leftists, perverts, and atheists. God forbid you express your opinion that don’t heap praise and affection on King Hussein Obama, you get punished. According to The Blaze, Marine Sgt. Gary Stein has given an “other-than-honorable discharge” for anti-Obama Facebook post. The page on Facebook is called Armed Forces Tea Party, and Gary Stein says he made his statement on Facebook with a disclaimer, expressing his opinion as an America, and not a Marine.

The government said Stein posted anti-Obama comments and images on one Facebook page he created called Armed Forces Tea Party, including an image of the president on the “Jackass” movie poster. Among the comments was one that stated: “Screw Obama and I will not follow all orders from him.” The page had more than 29,000 “likes” as of Wednesday afternoon.

Stein has maintained he was exercising his right to freedom of speech and that he put a disclaimer on the page saying his views did not represent the Marine Corps.

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