EPA ‘crucify’ official Al Armendariz has received over half a million dollars in federal taxpayer-funded research grants

obama_carterThe EPA official who bragged about his “crucify them” enforcement philosophy against oil and gas companies Al Armendariz has collected or shared in at least $540,522 in taxpayer dollars from the federal government to fund environmental projects as of 2010 according to the Daily Caller. Yes, that’s half a million of your tax payer dollars going to the man who wants to crucify businesses. And that number is only as of 2010 and doesn’t include last year or the first four months of this year.

President Barack Obama appointed Alfredo “Al” Armendariz as the administrator for EPA’s South Central Region (Region 6) in Nov. 2009. Since his appointment he has been a thorn in the side of energy producers.

The “Obama-appointed” label often indicates a movement liberal, and the former Southern Methodist University professor’s Web pages — still hosted on SMU’s website and divided into “teaching,” “research,” and “clean air community service” – indicate both his past environmental activism and the grant money he has collected to carry it out.

“For historical purposes, I will plan on keeping my previously-generated SMU documents on this web page for as long as the IT office at SMU allows,” he explained on the site.

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