How does Obama celebrate three years without the Democrat Senate passing a budget? He goes golfing for a record 96th time

obama-golf_0April 29th is a significant date in America. On this date in 1992 the Los Angeles riots began after the pink slime media demogauged the Rodney King beating to death. The riots caused billions of dollars in damage to the liberal craphole of Los Angeles and caused 54 deaths. April 29th is also noteworthy for another reason. It’s been exactly three years today since the Marxist Senate Democrats passed a budget. So what does Obama do after a long night of yucking it up with his propaganda ministers in the press at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner?

He “unwinds” with another 6 hours of golf. This marks Obama’s 96th round of golf as president in under four years. Easily a record for any president in American history.

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