Pathetic Michelle Obama lies about her own mother Marian Robinson at a fundraiser

michelle-obama-racist-uglyObviously trying to hide the fact that tax payers are not only floating the bill for Michelle Obama’s 20+ personal staff and vacations, but also her mother Marian Robinson living at the White House too, Michelle Obama has to tell lies to try and make her hubby Hussein look more “middle class.” Poor Michelle Obama lamented how her and Hussein Obama had to live in some “little bitty apartment on the South Side of Chicago with her mother.” Of course Mooch doesn’t mention the Obama’s $1+ house they had in Chicago that was built on the sweetheart land deal they got from Tony Rezko. Problem with Mooch’s little lie is that Marian Robinson has been living it up in the White House since March of 2009. She also routinely accompaines the Obama’s on their lavish vacations, like the one to Spain, or the various trips Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii trips.

First lady Michelle Obama has figuratively evicted her 74-year-old mother from the White House in an apparent effort to boost her appeal to middle-class voters.

The eviction notice came April 30 when the first lady told fellow Democrats at a fundraiser that she shared their values. “My family, we lived in a little bitty apartment on the South Side of Chicago over my aunt’s house [and] my mom still lives in that house to this day.”

However, the first lady’s mother, Marian Robinson, has lived in the White House since March 2009, when Essence Magazine announced her move from Chicago to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

“She will stay as long as her son-in-law and daughter want her to stay there,” Angela Burt-Murray, the editor of Essence Magazine, said in an April 2009 “Today” show interview.

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  • BigSlurpy

    I bet she leaves on or before January 20th, 2013. As I don’t believe the Romneys want much to do with her.

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  • Taylorj021

    Michelle need Mama near her, she’s lived with her for all of her marriage , and she’s scared to be “alone”.

    Michelle, is blaming the need on the kids…she’s the one who needs mama.

  • Pingston

    It’s pretty lame when you think of it. President of the U.S. has lived with his mother-in-law for his whole married life. In her speech, Michelle said BO was an “afterthought” as her mother and daughters ran things upstairs at the people’s house. And he likes being dissed, apparently, because he doesn’t work nights or weekends, and sleeps in daily.

  • Larry Davis

    Michele also lied about Obama’s grandmother being trapped in a bank job while white males were promoted ahead of her.. Problem is his grandmother was promoted to Bank Vice President. LOL.

  • poppi

    Having presidential relatives living in the White House isn’t new. Mrs. Robinson is just the latest to do so.
    Ulysses S. Grant’s father-in-law, Frederick Dent, lived there for a few years. Harry S. Truman’s mother-in-law, Madge Gates Wallace, moved in despite her dislike for Truman. Woodrow Wilson’s second wife, Edith, had both her mother, Sally Bolling, and sister, Bertha, live with them. All you nay sayers, get over it. Obama and Michelle and her mother and children will be there another 4 years. Romney has proven he is not fit to be our president. Everytime he opens his mouth…it is evident that this man could not lead his way out of a paper bag!