Fox News hag Democrat Jehmu Greene calls Tucker Carlson a “bow-tying white boy” (Video)

fox-news-logoI guess we are seeing exactly how “fair and balanced” Fox News has become. They hire George Soros activist Sally Kohn. They allow fat pigs like Blob Beckel to cuss on the air at women and they even hired Jesse Jackson’s daughter to be a contributor. Now, it appears they are fine with racism, as along as it’s against evil whitey as Democrat Jehmu Greene called Tucker Carlson a “bow-tying white boy.”

The full video clip of the exchange between Jehmu Greene and Tucker Carlson is below. Video from Johnny Dollar’s Place.

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  • Pattny

    Ms Green has no problem taking the big bucks from those “white Boys”. It is said that she was hired, she moved into one of the higest priced apts (1 Un ited Nations Plaza) Oh it was in the HUff post, I am sure most of her building wear bow ties. You know those upperty white boys are. I feel slighted as I wear a bow tie and I am “Black Irish”

  • Amazingoly

    Sorry, but Shamu lost her weak argument on Warren.  Warren’s campaign might as well be over.  We do NOT want or need her in the U.S. Senate.  It is a natural reaction for a Democratic operative to spin the facts to protect one of their own.  Laughable.

  • Dj4240

    Green is a racist and a misandrist,her and her ilk have no business on network television spewing, their bigotry. Green’s double standards of bigotry is so  hypercritical that anything she foams can’t be taken as serious. She is not a credible or competent commentator, and Fox news would be better off without this mouth. 

  • Tex A. Montana

    Tucker Carlson should have responded by reminding Jehmu that she is a porky Aunt Jemima kink head.

  • tessaprn

    I understand FNC fair and balanced but I didn’t think it included this type of presentation.  If I wanted to hear name calling and insults spit out I would watch MSNBC .  Guess “fair and balanced” includes little bit of hate.

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  • pepperpepper

    FNC has moved to the middle and by year end will policitally have moved to the left/far left.  They are no longer a conservative network concerned about the right/far right issues  I cannot believe the Bob Beckle, Sally Kohn, Jessie Jackson’s daughter, Jehmu Greene, Juan Williams, etc. that they have hired during the last year to be political analyst.  Why not make them all rich and they laugh all the way to the bank with glee in their heatr knowing that they hate everything that FNC stands for.

    Jehmu is racist and has only one agenda.  It is not fair and balanced.  She has an evil intent and her goal is to push forth the agenda of the far left.   FNC is gladly helping her accompish her goal. 

    FNC is much nicer to the Far left political analyst than you are to Mitt Romney, with the exception of Sean Hannity.  FNC nit picks every small thing about Mitt.  Afford him the same graciousness that you afford Jehmu. After all she apologized.

    You will not have me much longer as a viewer FNC.

    Roger Ailes, fire Jehmu.  I am sure that you know how the viewers who built your network feel.  And it is not Jehmu, Bob, Sally, Juan, etc. 

  • P. Thompson

    Today on Fox News Ms. Green spouted out how she hoped that Republicans would not take advantage of the storn (Sandy) to spread negative comments about Obama while he is doing his duty to warn citizens to take cautions during the storm serge. How dare she do that! To think that she is accusing ALL Republicans of being uncaring monsters who somehow believe that turning on fellow Americans during a crisis would put Romney ahead in the Presidential race. Is Fox so desparate to have “fair and balanced” views that they allow such a person on their news programs? Come on! There was nothing fair and balanced about her remarks. They were totally offensive to most Americans and unjustified! If she ever appears again on Fox New, I will refuse to watch.