As lousy as bath tub boy Keith Olbermann’s ratings WERE at Current TV, Cient Number Nine is even worse!

algore-sunHey ManBearPig Al Gore. Save the planet from Global Warming, and pull the plug on Current TV. It’s giving off too many carbon emissions, and no one is watching. Not even the far left loons, or occutards in this country. Maybe Obama’s OWN network could absorb ManbearPig’s network to cut down on those carbon emission.

Eliot Spitzer can’t even hold on to Keith Olbermann’s puny audience at Current TV. The paper’s headline said “predictably plummet.” Compared to Olbermann’s average in March, over the same time period, Nielsen has Spitzer’s four-week average down 62 percent with adults 25-54 (14,000, down from 38,000) and 68 percent with total viewers (46,000, down from 145,000). The demo average managed to reach 19,000 in its second week, but dropped to 12,000 in the third and just 9,000 in the fourth.

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