Resist we much! NBC’s Al Sharpton: GOP is at war with black people – time to fire back (Video)

al-sharptonWhat’s this I hear from race hustler Al Sharpton? “Targeting Missouri legislators,” “Get a gun,” “Fire back,” “We’re at war?” That sounds awfully incendiary wouldn’t you think. Imagine what would happen is Sarah Palin ever had something like targets on congressional districts or something. Oh that’s right, so did. And got blamed for the Gabby Giffords/Tucson shooting. So if Sarah Palin was to blame for the Tucson shooting, shouldn’t NBC’s Al Sharpton get the blame for the various attacks by blacks on whites lately? How about the attack by 5-30 blocks on two white journalists in Virginia? What about the 3 blacks who an Iraqi War Vet in Georgia back in March? That just was a few days after Sharpton’s calling to “fire back.” Then of course you had the two blacks in attack white male Matthew Owens with chairs, pipes and paint cans, leaving him in critical condition then declaring “Now that’s justice for Trayvon.” There’s others, but you get the idea. NBC really has some great “talent” with this race hustler don’t they?

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