Obama bullied girl little girl named Coretta – media silent

obama_evil_eyeRemember. According to the pink slime media, Mitt Romney “allegedly” cutting someone’s hair in high school as a prank back in 1965 got 11 pages from the Washington Compost. Obama bulling and shoving a little girl named Coretta in middle school (or junior high school as they called it when i went) the pink slime media is silent. Again, this isn’t some right-wing conspiracy invented to make Obama look bad. Obama himself admitted to bulling and shoving a little girl named Correta while in middle school. Obama himself gleefully admitted to bulling the little girl in his book “Dreams from my Father.”

Even Obama sycophant Hilary Rosen who declared Ann Romney has never gotten off her ass to work declared what a horror the Mitt Romney 1965 hair cut prank was. Yet she seems fine with Obama bullying Coretta.

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