Soledad O’Brien embarasses herself and CNN again – John Sununu destroys her and network for using Obama talking points (Video)

cnn-logoLast time CNN liberal hack and Obama thumper Soledad O’Brien made any news was when she had a meltdown calling Joel Pollak a racist over the Derick Bell tapes. Turns out the “racist” Pollak is married to a black woman, but Soledad O’Brien and CNN never let the facts get in the way of anything. Still desperate for ratings as their viewership has plunged to a 20 year low (in an election year), they are birther baiting again. Yesterday it was Donald Trump destroying Wolf Blitzer over the whole birther issue when Trump wanted to talk about jobs, the economy, China, and OPEC. Neither Obama or his press secretaries in the media want to discuss these things because Obama is so horrible. Today, it was Soledad O’Brien getting her ass handed to her by Romney supporter John Sununu. Two things should be blatantly obvious by now. CNN is desperate for ratings and trying to gin up the birther issue hoping to attract viewers, and it’s the Democrats/Liberals/Progressives who are truly obsessed with where Obama was born. After all, it was Hillary Clinton who first brought up the birther issue in 2008.

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