Far left crank Juan Williams not to happy about Obama’s Anna Wintour ad (Video)

obama-loony-toonsFor a campaign that was praised as brilliant in 2008, this campaign by Obama is about as awful as it could be. Maybe people overrated Obama’s 2008 campaign, and just didn’t take into account the Obama licking media and the failure of John McCain? The Obama campaign of 2012 has been one of the biggest jokes there’s even been. Maybe even worse or at least equally as bad as McCain’s in 2008. Obama’s latest stupid move was to have a snotty liberal named Anna Wintour who is best known as an editor for Vogue magazine telling people to donate to Obama so that they could win a big dinner in New York with Wintour, Obama, Sarah Jessica Parker, etc. This came out on Friday, the day of the horrible jobs news and stock market crash. Juan Williams who is one of many Fox News Obama lickers was stunned by how stupid the ad was, and even wondered if Mitt Romney planted Dr. Evil in the House of Obama or something.

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