MSNBC Ed Schultz meltdown – upon annoucing Scott Walker’s win he declares he could very well be indicted in the coming days (Video)

ed-schultz-fatboyI’m really loving tonight. As expected, after Scott Walker absolutely crushed failure Tom Barrett in what liberal hacks keep saying would be a close election, Ed Schultz nearly teared up when he had to make the announcement that Walker won. Just like a bitter little union thug and progressive liberal hack, Ed Schultz declared that Scott Walker could be very well be indicted in the coming days. hahahahahahaha

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  • Annasopranna

    No one to my knowledge has come forth to claim Ed Schultz has am overabundance of marbles.
    Au contraire….

  • tommy4usa

    HISTORY was Made…… #WWW……..#Walker #WINS #Wisconsin..#Way2Go Scott ,The #TEAPARTY is #ALIVE & has #SWEPT ….House on the Rock……  ITS A #ROYAL #FLUSH

    Maddow says Ed Covered this more than any in Media …..Yup all 18 people that watch

  • Stymie

    Seeing Eds face drawn up like the lemon sucking liberal dung he represents just made the rest of my week. I LOVE it. The majority has spoken and they can’t fight it. The left continues to blame the victory on the amount of money that was spent. If one dollar only was spent the outcome would have been the same. The majority is tired of spoiled union workers that couldn’t hold a job at burger king without representation.

  • everythingconservative

    That chick’s “brain is squirming like a toad.” What the hell is up with alternating blinking of the eyes. Was her head about to explode or what?

  • Chief

    This guy is an absolute moron!!!

  • Zeek

    In a world where media executives put a microphone in front of a talking penis, anything is possible.