NBC Nancy Snyderman claims Saudi Arabia better than U.S. to women (Video)

nbcIn Saudi Arabia, women can’t drive, must have four eyewitnesses if they claim rape, can’t be seen with unrelated males, and have to wear burkas. Yet in the bizzaro world of NBC and liberal hack Nancy Snyderman, Saudi Arabia is superior to America because it’s against the law to pay women less than men in that country. Yet Snyderman doesn’t seem to have a problem with Nancy Pelosi paying her women staffers and average of $7,000 less than their male counterparts. Hey Nancy Snyderman, here’s a thought. You think Saudi Arabia is so much better than America? Move there and see how you are treated.

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  • Evilpa_99

    I would much rather make less money than a man that have my freedom taken from me. I would not tolerate wearing a burka, or not driving, or having to have a male relative with me in public, or must having four eyewitnesses to claim rape. These progressives who make these ignorant statements should be removed from the airwaves what a SHAMEFUL thing to say, that ANY country is superior to the United States of America is a false statement.  This is why I no longer what NBC, not for news or entertainment, they are dead to me.