NBC/MSNBC deceptively edits another video – This time it’s Mitt Romney and WaWa – Hoagies

andrea-mitchellUp until today, I had never heard of WaWa myself. I always thought that WaWa was just Barbara Walters or something. But apparently, the pink slime media (especially Andrea Mitchell and MSNBC) are so desperate to try and paint Mitt Romney as “out of touch” with middle class Americans, that they have to do deceptively edits another video to try and make their false point. NBC is famous for their Obama licking and deceptively editing videos to make those they target look bad. Remember the George Zimmerman editing fiasco? Oh and just a few days after the Zimmerman fiasco, British hack Martin Bashir on MSNBC played an edited audio clip of Mitt Romney being asked a question at a Wisconsin town hall meeting about Mormons. Today on Andrea Mitchell’s show, she played a deceptively edited video of Mitt Romney seemingly amazed at the existence of WAWAs. As I mentioned above, I have never heard of these WaWa stores either. Apparently it’s gas station/convenience store. Out here in the west we call those places AM/PMs.

There was also a comment from Romney about the electronic touch-tone ordering of sandwiches. As usual they have spun this to make it seem like he’s out of touch. Here’s the edited video played on the Andrea Mitchell show:

Problem for Mitchell and the rest of the pink slime media, is that Romney was actually contrasting the ridiculous over-regulation of the public sector, with the efficiency of the private sector. Romney used those electronic machines at WaWa for an example to make his point.

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  • http://twitter.com/nephi111 Nephi

    The stretch that Mitchell has performed to edit the video is staggering.  Does she not know what Romney REALLY said.  The story he gave was a funny and informative contrast of government and business.  

    Andrea Mitchell tries to edit out the story and just leave the WaWa portion.  How about we just edit out her monologue and just leave the part where she says her name and then closes.  How can MSNBC say they are anything but liars!

  • Wm. Russell

    Andrea Mitchell is no worse than anyone else on msnbc. It’s been obvious for a long time that nbc is in the tank for anything left of center. The farther left the more nbc backs it. They got obama elected and if we’re not careful they will be successful in re-electing the worst President in modern times.

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  • Fader

    She’s a piece of shit.  Just like the rest of the morons at MSNBC.

  • Foofoohaircut

    when will we see the occuturds with signs chanting “nbc lies, nbc lies”. they are already trying to sweep this under the rug saying she “mispoke, misrepresented, mistook” the facts.  any way you put it, she is a LIAR.

  • Barnesgene

    She played the whole tape unedited the next day.  Move on.  We have the economy to talk about

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HY3P5BRADSJINQYMAMKKRUJY3M Jack Edwards

      Her apology is worse.  There was none.  She also did not lay the entire video or explain the context, when she referred to another bogus story referring to Bush 41.  She and Clizza should apologize for the laughter after the original edited video aired.  Incredibly disrespectful and not the truth.  Simle.  She is no journalist or Babara Walters Mitchell is just another biased MSNBC-Comcast hack

  • sandiego1969

    And the main stream media wonders why it has less credibility than congress. 

  • http://twitter.com/Phreakout2009 John Pfingsten

    Stupid cunt.

  • Leestriker333

    Andrea Mitchell, what a joke. I like waying her on thee air.  If this is the best they got. What an embassiment.  What an asshole.

  • Willclancy

    Just for the record…WaWa kicks butt…but I think Sheetz was the first convenience store to implement the touch screen for their ordering

  • J.

    Seriously, I just want fairness.  Both sides. This is really amateurish 

  • Andrea Mitchell

    Andrea Mitchell is a dried up old hag

  • thereyougoagain

    The most alarming thing about this whole debacle is that Andrea Mitchell, MSNBC/NBC and the intolerant left don’t believe that there is anything wrong with this flagrant disregard for the truth.  Their silence speaks volumes about their character or rather their lack of character.

  • Pierre

    No, the most alarming thing is that Andrea Mitchell still has a job. I blame this on conservatives for not raising more of a stick. I spent the day blasting her and NBC on twitter.