NBC edits out Jerry Sandusky molestation comments in Bob Costas interview from November 2011 (Video)

nbcI’ll tell you what, NBC should get an award for their video editing skills. In just the past few weeks NBC has deceptively edited a video of George Zimmerman to make him sound like a racist. They edited another video a few weeks later about a Mitt Romney Mormon question. This past week Mrs. Alan Greenspan aka Andrea Mitchell played an edited video of Mitt Romney commenting about WaWa and touch screens. They even chopped out “Under God” from the during reading of the Pledge of Allegiance at start of U.S. Open in June of 2011. Now, it turns out NBC also edited a video of a Jerry Sandusky interview with Bob Costas from last November. NBC has an obvious pattern here.

The pedophile Sandusky said in the chopped out portion of the interview:

“I didn’t go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs that I’ve helped.”

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