NBC hack Brian Williams to Mitt Romney – are you going to pick an ‘incredibly boring white guy’ for VP (Video)

WilliamsBowtoObamaAnyone ever ask why Obama picked such an incredible stupid white guy like Joe Biden? Or why Obama never picked an ‘incredibly boring black guy’ for Vice President? Think the pink slime media would crow RACIST!?! Of course they would. But when you have NBC hack Brian Williams who actually bowed to his King Obama back in 2009 asking Mitt Romney if he’s going to pick an ‘incredibly boring white guy’ for his Vice President, it’s considered “journalism.” The good thing here is that Romney actually owned Williams for his asinine question in a very classy, even way. When Williams asked his stupid question, Romney replied: “You told me you were not available.” Excellent Mitt!
Watch Mitt slap down Brian Williams for his disgusting question:

Video posted by Lonely Conservative

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