Gallup reveals Obama in deep trouble with polling numbers in important swing states

obama-frownAll these oversampled Democrat polls trying to fool people into believing Obama is doing great in swing states is nothing more than a load of crap.  One great example is Ohio, where recently skewed polls have shown Obama with sizable leads over Mitt Romney with an average of 8-11% more Democrats polled than Republicans.  Obama’s approval rating in Ohio on Gallup over the first half of 2012 is just 44%. You don’t win states with 44% approval ratings. In other states like Iowa, Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Obama is only at 46% approval.  In Nevada, New Mexico Obama’s approval is only 45%.  In Colorado and New Hampshire it’s only 43%. Even in what is expected to be a safe blue state like Oregon, Obama is only polling at 47%. So when you cut through all the BS of other biased polls, you can see Obama is in deep trouble, and with four more lousy jobs reports to come, those numbers aren’t likely to improve.

Obama is over 50% in 13 deep blue, easy win Obama states plus Washington DC.  In other states that could be in play like Wisconsin and Michigan, Obama is only at 49% approval.

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