Chick-Fil-A bully Adam Smith tries to apologize to female Rachel – she refuses to see him – plus video ‘apology and clarifications’

democrat-logoSeems Chick-Fil-A bully Adam Smith is getting a taste of his progressive leftist medicine. He went to try and “apologize” to Chick-Fil-A worker ‘Rachel’ and she refused to see him. The Blaze has an exclusive interview with Adam Smith over how his life has changed over the last 36 years.  While I obviously despise what this coward did to the Chick-Fil-A worker, some of the stuff he’s dealing with is NOT cool. In fact, it reminds me alot of George Zimmerman situation when Spike Lee tweeted out an address that he thought was Zimmerman’s. Seems Adam Smith was forced to leave his home because of death threats to not only him, but also his family. I’m sorry, but that’s just not cool. Adam Smith’s home address was made public, and ever since then he’s been forced to take his family and flee his home. He was also fired from his job as CFO with Vante. A lot of this is karma, but I simply can’t get into the whole death threat thing. I’m not a leftist. It’s what they do. Otherwise, Smith tried to see the female employee he bullied at the drive-thru window and she refused to see him. I say good for her! So he took to Youtube and posted this lackluster ‘apology’ and ‘clarifications':

On the bright side, I saw over at Gateway Pundit that a site to support Rachel. The site’s webmaster(s) stopped by Chick-Fil-A in Tucson and gave Rachel some flowers.

So given all the fallout, I wanted to know if he cared to see Rachel again. “If you encountered her again, what would you say to her?” I asked.

“I will say to her… what I will say to her… and I will figure out what the right words are,” he responded. And then he shed a little more light, saying that he had already gone back to Chick-fil-A the next morning to talk to Rachel.*

She refused to talk to him.

“I wanted to see if she was OK, that’s all,” he explained. “She was actually working there, and her manager went to get her… and she wouldn’t come back.”

Considering the controversy that’s erupted, you can’t really blame her.

By the way, we have repeatedly reached out to his former employer Vante for comment and have not yet received a reply.

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  • GuessWhoFan

    Too bad about the threats.  Thought he was going to be a left wing hero.  Not so much, eh?

  • Rufus T. Firefly

    I’d bet there hasn’t been a single credible threat against Comrade Smith.  The marxist scumbag spat out Obama’s dick long enough to scribble some death threats to garner pity.

  • Vegasholla

    now would he have apologized or tried to apologize had he been hailed as a hero instead of being thrown under the bus for his cowardice?

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  • Rick Presley

    What would he expect? He bullies an employ who is uncomfortable being on camera and expresses that and then publishes to to YouTube without her permission or consent. She deserves a lot more than an apology.

  • SickOfItAll

    Vegasholla nailed it.  He didn’t go apologize because he realized what he did was wrong.  He posted the video thinking he was going to be a big hero and gain internet fame.  He ended up with infamy.  And he tried to “apologize” because the internet busted him for being an ass.

  • upstateNY

    I agree that the death threats aren’t cool, but he’s old enough to understand that there are consequences for acting like a jerk. He better hope that Rachel doesn’t decide to sue him for video taping her and putting her on YouTube without her permission. I’ll bet his wife isn’t real impressed with him right now, either.

  • GuessWhoFan

    Shows up as a victim on MSNBC in: 5…4…3…2…

  • PennyBeach

    That’s a great picture of Rachel.She were grace under fire.
    He’s old enough to know better .Things didn’t go the way he planned. Same thing happened to the shoe bomber. I don’t buy his act of remorse he’s still blames

  • Didymus

    Mr. Smith has confused an attempted explanation with an apology.  I wish him well in his search for employment because employers generally search the web for hits on prospective hires.  He’s pretty much polluted that well.  Poor Mr Smith is the real victim in this unpleasant episode.  That nasty old Rachel smiling at him, just pushed him over the top. 

    • Kevinkirks

      Could not agree more. I almost sympathized with him until he turned it back into the issue again. Apologize, call yourself a jerk and leave it there idpf youre sincere.

  • KatyO

    He calls that an apology???  He continues to slam Chick-Fil-A as he attempts to justify his disgusting behavior. 

  • PaMom4Palin

    What was this? Wow! 

  • braindance2

    frankly I think the firing and the uproar is overkill. She is gracious and grown up, he is foolish and a child. She needs to be rewarded for being a great employee and he needs to go sit in a corner. what an ass, he has ruined his career and his family. A true representation of how lefties try to gain a stronghold, by simply being mean and angry.

  • rkball

    Now that Mr. Smith has time on his hands, perhaps he would like to make the rounds of militant mosques — Muslims oppose homosexuality too, don’t they? I think if he makes the rounds and asks them “how can you live with yourself” and tells them they are full of hate that would go over really well. Point is, he knew he was in absolutely no danger sticking it to Chick-Fil-A precisely because Chick-Fil-A is a Christian business with civilized American values. Plus, he knew he was doubly-safe because he picked on a girl behind a drive-through counter. I saw one YouTube video by a black guy that said if Mr. Smith had spoken to him, there would have been chicken flying! Visit the mosques, Mr. Smith; you’ve got the time.

  • Mutt_the_Hoople2

    The “death threats” were p[robably guys e-mailing him to “try that stuff with me.  I’m not a high school girl”.  Why should you believe anything Obama-supporter Adam Smith (D-Arizona) says?

  • Asha Bashar

    If this happened in the state of Minnesota Smith would probably be criminally charged with at least a couple felonies and a misdemeanor.  If he had not recorded what had happened on video they would have let the “victim” make up lies about what he did 100X worse and publish them in the newspapers.  They would at least charge him with felony stalking.  I wonder when they are going to criminally charge Smith?