NRA, Republicans, Tea-Party and Christians get blamed for Sikh Temple shooting on Twitter (as usual)

square-large-looneyThis is just so predictable. Leftists on Twitter are going nuts. Not mourning the victims of the Sikh Temple shooting in Oak Creek Wisconsin, but rather blaming the NRA, Tea Party, Republicans and of of course Christians. Oh and Scott Walker, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. I’m sure right now Brian Ross is scanning Wisconsin tea party sites to see if he can link the name of the shooter to anyone with similar names too. Check out some leftist hate tweets:










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  • Greggvalentine

    a tea partyer DID come out and say it happened because they are nonChristians.

  • deb

    Do these idiots have any idea that they’re not original and never correct?

    Giffords – leftwing nut

    Aurora  –     ”        ”

    Regardless, it doesn’t matter who does the shooting, they are not in-line with  MOST religious based organizations.  Just, losers.  

    Again, the Sihk members probably just never thought about being armed and if one or two had been and trained — highly possible different result.

    I will not support the Police and other government officer being the only ones who can have weapons as many of the ignorant gun-grabbers want.

    Trusting the Federal Government – especially the seated one – instead of law-abiding citizens is deranged. 

    • rightoffthecliff

        pretty impressive, deb. i don’t think you could have crammed another ultra right wing, racist, survivalist, gun totin’, paranoid cliche into those four sentences… however, you could have ended with” the south will rise again!” that would have been perfect.

    • Steven

       If you think Sihks will arm themselves like a bunch of paranoid rednecks, then you obviously know nothing of their faith.

      No one is trying to take guns away from law-abiding citizens. We’d like to keep guns away from criminals and crazy shit heads. The only way to do that is through regulation of the arms industry and legislated gun control. And besides, fuck your interpretation of the 2nd Amendment. If you want to form a well-regulated militia and own flint-lock muskets as the Founding Fathers had actually intended, go for it. No one cares. I’m rather convinced that gun nuts havent actually read the Constitution/BoR/Constitutional Conventions; they can only recite NRA propaganda and revisionism.

      • Ruprecht67

        I know little of their faith but a lot of history and the Sikhs were pretty awesome soldiers and after the second Anglo-Sihk war served bravely on honorably throuout the British Empire.

      • Angela Kay Harris

        Yeah, ‘cuz regulating the guns and keeping them away from the law abiding is doing really well to keep them away from all those criminals and crazy s*** heads in Chicago this year.

        • Steven

          Where do you think these guns that the criminals use originate from? It is a myth that they are simply stolen; they are mostly purchased through legal channels and then passed into the underground. Our gun laws are both too lax and not enforced enough. There are simply too many guns being manufactured and pumped into our society. Far too many sociopaths like this right wing freak and criminals like the street gangs in Chicago that can easily obtain these guns both through legal and illegal channels. Where do you think the Mexican cartels damn near engaged in a Civil War are getting their arms? Not from Latin America.

          Enough is enough. Start locking up these animals for longer sentences and start reducing the number of guns in general both through gun control and a gun/ammo-manufacturing moratorium.

          • Sfc Mac

            Criminals love assclowns like you. The more restrictions you place on law-abiding citizens, the better they like it. Gangsta thugs, thieves, home invaders, and muggers couldn’t give a shit about your sensitivities. I own a .380 for home protection, and I guarantee you anyone I catch breaking into my home will leave in a body bag.

    • lunaticstakingovertheasylum

      you are what is wrong with America. In your twisted mind the way to deal with nutcases with guns is make more guns available!.
      The way sikhs can live in a safer world is not stricter gun laws or common decency from their fellow man – they should carry guns too!
      Disgusting. you should be ashamed to call yourself an American and glad to say you can never call yourself a Christian.

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  • Steven

    No one can fairly place blame yet since no information has come been uncovered about the identity of the gunman at this hour, but I would not be surprised if it were some right wing extremist completely out of his mind with Anti-Muslim rhetoric that’s spewed all over right wing radio/internet. There are probably hundreds of right wing terrorists out there boiling with hatred and armed to the teeth.

    And regardless of the identity of the gunman, right wingers all over the internet will be saying this is a “false flag ops” schemed up by Obama to take away guns and freedom from the real ‘Mericans. So, perhaps, the truth does not actually matter anyway.

    • Steven

       Yup. I was correct. A right wing extremist spewing with racist, xenophobic, hate-filled right wing propaganda and ideology.

    • Mikelbonin

      Please cite “Anti-Muslim rhetoric that’s spewed all over right wing radio/internet”. My guess is you will cite Anti-RADICAL Muslim rhetoric that’s spewed all over right wing radio/internet.

      If you aren’t Anti-RADICAL Muslim, you won’t realize a threat that’s staring you in the face until you no longer have a face.

  • BenInNY

    Amazing, how so consumed people are by politics that they leap at anything to justify their position. Psycho is psycho, end of story. (see: Loughner and his tautology-based ravings).

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  • Guest

    Will you also post the comments by some Fox News viewers who are blaming Obama and other left wing nuts for the shooting?  Of are you only posting the negative things that the left are saying?

  • WayneH

    Likely another psycho Occutard killing people that don’t look like him and are eeeviiil Capitalist one percenters! The Proletariat shall rise up and smite the Bourgeois Capitalist pigs!  Power to the people.

    • Steven

       You’re wrong Wayne.

  • Jj Montague

    “MORE Tea[party] violence”  ??? WTF?!?! There hasn’t been ANY TP violence to begin with ….just OW violence within their unsanitary campsites…. are these people just willfully ignorant or actually stupid?

    • Mikelbonin

      Willfully ignorant for the most part. Actually stupid for the rest.

  • Jj Montague

    At this point, we have NO facts beyond 7 dead & at least 3 injured.  Speculation is pointless, and assigning blame at this point is ludicrous.

  • Guest

    It’s now official. The killer is a right wing nut named Wade Michael Page. Several media outlets say he served in the army, was less than honorably discharged and most recently was a member of a nazi skinhead supremicist type punk band.

    • Angela Kay Harris

      Neo-nazis aren’t right wing unless you’re in Europe. They’re just another group of fascists that no one claims.

      • Steven

        That’s patently retarded. Neo-Nazis are the extreme end of the establishment Right, just like Marxists are the extreme end of the establishment Left.

        • Mikelbonin

          Fascism advocates a state-controlled and regulated mixed economy. Is this a left theme or a right one.
          The right (of the US, as defined in the US) stands in opposition to the statist mindset of fascism … period.

  • Rob

    Nope, looks like they were pretty accurate.  The guy’s been revealed to be a far-right nutjob.  It’s pretty fair to place the blame for this squarely on the shoulders of the tea party – you can’t keep electing people like Bachmann or Arpaio, who teach anyone who’ll listen that brown people cannot be trusted, and not expect some impressionable idiots to listen.

    • montanaconserv

      try again.. there’s nothing ‘far right’ about this man.. if he is a white supremacist, then he’s as far left as the nazi’s were… 

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  • Jeff Baker

    Interesting that there hasn’t been much about the shooter from Fox News, AFR, Newsmax or like media outlets—I wonder if anyone checked to see what was on the shooter’s car radio presets?