CNN hack Soledad O’Brien uses left-wing blog Talking Points Memo to attack Paul Ryan

cnn-logoJust when I go out and give CNN and Wolf Blitzer some credit for actually doing their job when he owned Wasserman-Schultz over her MediScare tactics, this happens. Loony toons Soledad O’Brien was caught using leftist blog Talking Points Memo propaganda to bash Paul Ryan and start up again with those Mediscare tactics. This was on AC360. I guess SoleDUD O’Brien was filling in for Anderson Cooper. He should be very proud that his ‘fill in’ is plagiaring leftist blogs to spew their left wing propaganda. WTF is it was CNN and plagiarism? First Fareed Zakaria and now Soledad O’Brien. This, is CNN (at 20 year lows for ratings.)

In the very same segment where she then interviewed Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter, she used no notes, no research, and what are generally accepted as softball questions.

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