Fox News liberal Democrat Bob Beckel threatens Eric Bolling, drops yet another F-Bomb on The Five (Video)

beckelWhat is it going to take for Fox News to get rid of this assclown Bob Beckel? When he’s not dropping F-bombs on the air, he’s making anti-Semitic remarks about Jews. Here’s the latest from the bloated Democrat Beckel on The Five while discussing Paul Ryan. As usual, the bloated pig Beckel will get off scott free and nothing will happen to him.

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  • Nobama

    Fox is better put a boot to this POS’s ass, or they risk to lose quite a few of their viewers.

  • Spysmasher

    Come on, that was funny! They are friends. That stuff happens all the time.

  • copper

    Nah, I don’t care for the guy but that was a slip. There wasn’t an argument going on or anything. I’d put him on double secret probation waivers.

  • amazingoly

    3 strikes and you are out, Bob. Time to let him go, but we don’t want Juan to replace him. No Colmes or Kohn either.

  • J_Rudkus

    To avoid being exposed by actual liberal guests, Fox News created a caricature played by Bob Beckel. They can perpetuate the “fair and balanced” myth, demonize Liberals and provide entertainment to their right wing viewers all at the same time. It’s the transparent dishonesty we have come to expect from Fox News.