GOP Senate primary winners: Connie Mack IV, Tommy Thompson, Linda McMahon

elect12Three states had Senate primaries tonight that could matter in November. There was also one in Minnesota, but that will easily stay with the Democrats in November. In Wisconsin, Tommy Thompson won the GOP primary, and will face Tammy Baldwin for the vacated Senate seat by Democrat Herb Kohl. In Connecticut, Linda McMahon will face the Democrat nominee to fill the seat for the retiring Joe Lieberman. She was also the nominee for the GOP in 2010. In Florida, Connie Mack IV of the Mack-Penny plan will face Bill Nelson for the state’s senate seat.

Connecticut probably will stay Democrat (yes, Lieberman was still a Democrat since he caucused with them.) I don’t know much about Tommy Thompson or how conservative he is, but we need that Senate seat badly if we are going to take back the Senate. Florida, like Wisconsin is a must win, and Connie Mack is a strong candidate to take on Nelson.

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