ABC lies again! ‘Top Gun’ Director Tony Scott did not have inoperable brain cancer as they claimed

abcABC is so pathetic that not only do they blame the tea party for a Colorado theater shooting, kiss Obama’s ass daily, but now they falsely report that Tony Scott, the director who jumped off a Los Angeles bridge last night and killed himself had  inoperable brain cancer. This is what ABC (and the rest of the pink slime media) calls ‘journalism’ in the 21st century. Maybe their ‘investigative reporters’ were so giddy to be able to report on Todd Akin and Kevin Yoder, that they just couldn’t control themselves when it came to Tony Scott. ABC News = Anything But Correct. Check out their Tweet:

‘Top Gun’ Director Tony Scott Had Inoperable Brain Cancer

— ABC News (@ABC) August 21, 2012

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