NBC releases new oversampled Democrat polls: Ohio D+10, Virginia D+5 Florida D+2

chuck-todd-nbc-hack-obama-suck-upNBC is at it again, releasing heavily Democrat oversampled polls in three key battleground states to try and make Obama look good. Problem for them is that not only where these polls taken right after the DNC convention, but the last few days have eroded any bounce Obama got from the convention. In fact, Obama trails Romney nationally according to the latest Rasmussen poll. After his bumbling and stumbling over the middle east crisis, his numbers are likely to sink even more. But for the time being, lets take a look at the three new polls released by NBC to make Obama appear invincible. In Virginia and Florida, the biased polls find Obama up by five on Romney. In probably the most important state in this election season, Ohio has Obama up by 7%, with Obama barely hitting 50%. Problem is this NBC oversamples Democrats by 10 percentage points. The sample of likely voters in Ohio is 38% Democrat, 28% Republican and 32% independent. But of course, when you oversample Democrats as much as NBC, you can nitpick stats that appear to look good for Obama. Check out NBC Obama licker Chuck Todd:

Yea, if you oversampled Republicans by 10 percentage points, I bet that stat would be in the 20s. Nice try NBC, but your bias shows even in your polls.

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