Explain this: Ambassador Chris Stevens killed due to lack of security – Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett gets Secret Service

barack-obama-arroganceIs Obama BFF and adviser Valerie Jarrett really the POTUS or something? Someone please explain to me how some Obama adviser, who’s best buds with him and his wife gets Secret Service security protection. As if that isn’t bad enough, how does Jarrett get Secret Service protection while Libya Ambassador Chris Stevens gets no security, on 9/11/2012 with three days warning of an attack in some third world Muslim country? To top this all off, Jarrett took her Secret Service protect to protect her on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. You know, that expensive place that Obama loves to go to in non-election years on the tax payer’s dime?

If the Republicans in Congress weren’t such cowards maybe they’d investigate this, and Hillary Clinton’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. But with Weeper Boehner as Speaker, we’ll never see that happen.

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