NBC-MSNBC hag Andrea Mitchell refuses to show 1998 Obama redistribution remarks (Video)

andrea-mitchell2This is hilarious. Mrs. Greenspan Andrea Mitchell refuses to add the 1998  Obama redistribution remarks. She uses the excuse that she can’t air the clip because NBC can’t verify ‘the accuracy of that tape from Loyola so we are not playing it.’ Uh really now Andrea/NBC? You mean you spend three days playing that Mitt Romney clip from May that was missing ‘1-2 minutes’ in total, yet you are worried about the ‘authenticity’ of the 1998 Obama clip? You are a hack, NBC/MSNBC is a joke, and this is just another example of how the pink slime media is protecting Obama. America really has a state run media now, just like Communist and Muslim countries.

Oh and Youtube decided to ‘unlist’ this video. Maybe this is their attempt to appease Obama for not removing the ‘anti-Muslim’ video.

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