Botox Nancy Pelosi wants to raise taxes on everyone – get rid of payroll tax cut

democrat-logoJust think how ‘great’ another Obama term would be with Democrats still controlling the Senate, and a slight edge for weak kneed Republicans in the House. More taxes for everyone! The mask is starting to slip off these Marxistcrats. They don’t just want to raise taxes on those ‘evil rich’ people, but they want to raise taxes on everyone, regardless of how poor you are. There are already 21 new taxes in that will go into affect if Republicans don’t take over the Senate and Presidency. Now, Democrats like Tim Kaine (Candidate for Virginia Senate seat) wants a minimum tax on everybody, and so does Nancy Pelosi. In fact, Stretch Pelosi wants to get rid of the payroll tax cut too!

The payroll tax cut has affected 160 million workers.

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