Sensitive documents still left behind at American consulate in Benghazi Libya three weeks later

hillary_clinton_insaneAgain, why hasn’t Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice been forced to resign yet? Each day, more information continues to leak out over how they and Obama completely botched the 9/12/2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi Libya and tried to blame some stupid Youtube video.  Some of the corrupt state run media is being forced to cover the BenghaziGate cover up no matter how painful it is for them. Like Obama, they were hoping that the Benghazigate cover up story would just fizzle out and go away like so many other controversial stories about Obama have. But as each day passes, more disgusting details leak out. The latest from Obama licking Washington Post reveals that sensitive documents detailing weapons collection efforts, emergency evacuation protocols and the full internal itinerary of now dead Ambassador Chris Stevens’s trip with personnel records still haven’t been secured even three months after the terrorist attack.


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