CNBC poll Vice President debate poll: Paul Ryan: 56%, Joe Biden: 36%, Neither: 8%

mitt-romney-paul-ryan-2012-logoFox News says Paul Ryan won the debate, MSNBC says Biden won the debate, and CNN said the debate was a draw. It was actually an impressive debate by Paul Ryan, because he had to debate not only a smirking, yelling, interrupting Joe Biden, but Obama cronie and ABC hack Martha Raddatz too. Vice President debates generally don’t mean much in the election season, tonight’s debate probably wouldn’t matter much either, but based on a CNBC poll, Paul Ryan absolutely dominated the debate. You can make your own decisions.

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  • jeffcutt

    Actually, the CNBC poll now shows Biden won the debate. And the best poll, a scientific poll of undecided voters by CBS, show Biden won in a landslide, 50% – 31%.

    Ryan looked weak and overmatched in the debate, big time.

    • Diamond D

      The NBC group is in the tank for the Libbie . With parent company GEPosed to make huge cash from Obambams energy policies , how could they go negative on their gift horse ?
      This is crony capitalism at its finest .
      Wake up you MSNBC watching morons !

    • maria

      Consider the source. I rather have the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

  • mj

    Dream on pal biden was an embarrassment to himself and our country…Ryan is much more of a statesman…and laid out their plan again…go ahead and call it lies and not enough details…what a tired argument…biden is worse than obama and that my friend is saying something.

    • Madhu Varshitt

      So your message is that style is far more important than substance or ever the truth? hmmmm… good luck world

      • Diamond D

        Major Horseshitt
        What up black !

  • mallyb

    Watching Ryan made me feel cheap and used. He reminds me of an oily car salesman – disingenuous, arrogant and not trustworthy.

    • Diamond D

      Most Libbies do feel cheap and used unless coddled by the lunacy .
      This is why they are so violent in nature with hostility dominating their personalities . This is why the so called party of tolerance is actually the most intolerant .

    • maria

      Wow skewed perception. A serious debate and Biden is smirking and laughing like an idiot through his lies. Not vice presidential at all. Get serious.

    • Rachel

      Oh please! Ryan was great and showed great contol considering he came to debate a VP but wound up having to deal with a drunken clown! Ryan was the only adult in the room. Biden has always been the loudmouth used car salesmen…a drunk obnoxious one.

  • Diamond D

    Stupid Libbies !

  • John

    Biden won, and he exposed the many flaws in the Ryan Romney plan.
    Why for example is the voucher plan for seniors bad?The answer is, it’s basically a way to deny health care to people while denying that you’re doing so. You don’t say, “we won’t pay for this care”, you just hand people a voucher and let them discover that it won’t buy adequate insurance. It’s health-care rationing — but by money instead of deliberate choice. So instead of making choices, we’ll let people die because of inadequate assets. Fiscal responsibility!

    • maria

      People don’t listen. Ever play the game telephone?

  • Rachel

    I was deeply offended by Biden’s bizarre behavior. Either he was drunk or he has as little respect for Americans who tuned in to watch as he did for Ryan. I got a 3-letter word for Biden….J-E-R-K!