Good news! State Department says Marines were protecting U.S. Embassy on 9-11-12 – in Barbados

obama-pictureThis is good news. One U.S. Embassy was actually protected on 9/11/12! Problem is, it wasn’t in any of the Muslim countries like Egypt, or any consulate buildings like in Egypt. Instead, the U.S. Embassy was protected with Marines in the tropical island country of Barbados, a 95% Christian country. At least Obama and Hillary Clinton don’t have blood on their hands from the Caribbean.

“U.S. Marine Security Guards serve at the U.S. Embassy in Bridgetown, and at other diplomatic missions around the world, to protect and safeguard American diplomacy,” Rebecca Ross, the U.S. Embassy to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean Counselor for Public Affairs, said in a statement to

“On September 11, 2012, our U.S. Marine Security Detachment carried out its regular duties which include providing internal security, preventing the compromise of classified information and equipment, and providing protection for U.S. citizens and property located within official U.S. facilities,” Ross said.

Maybe they were afraid that a dance to Hot! Hot! Hot! would break out or something from that Youtube movie or something.

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