Pathetic Obama shill Candy Crowley finally admits Mitt Romney Was Actually Right On Libya terrorist attack (Video)

candy-crowleyThis is what happens when the GOP continues to allow these biased, pathetic liberal shills to be ‘moderators’ of a debate. Candy Crowley was as pathetic as Martha Raddatz. Never challenged Obama, and even tried debating Mitt Romney with Obama on her side. It was absolutely pathetic, and probably the worst performance by a presidential debate moderator in US History. Turns out Mitt Romney was right about Obama’s comments regarding the Benghazi terrorist attack, even after Crowley tried debating Romney and ‘correcting him’ on his statements. Crowley later admitted with a big grin on face that Romney was right.

Here was the exchange between Romney, Crowley and Obama during the debate:

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  • Jabba the Crowley

    Candy Crowley looked like Jabba the Hut. This fat cow was such an Obama suck up it was disgusting! No wonder no one watches CNN!

    • Guest

      Hey, she can'[t be that bad. She caught Obama in a lie….. :) :)

  • bobforthis

    Candy interrupted Mitt right on cue. Now that the damage is done she is back-tracking…….

    • Guest

      Hey, she can’t be that bad. She caught Obama in a lie….. :) :)

  • tt

    she sucks i hate her she had no place to do that

  • tt

    and she is GROSSSSS!!~!

    • Carl Wineland

      don’t slam her about her looks . it makes us look like liberals ( aka attacks /names they called Palin and Herman Cain, etc )

  • Yech

    Her name does not fit. The name Candy is for strippers and she is far from one!

  • Dawn

    Obama did not refer to it being
    terrorism end of story – he simply used an adjective to describe fright/horror,etc.

    The shooting at the movie theater was terror. That does not mean , I meant that it was terrorism.

    Vocab – its not difficult.

  • Pam

    Typical liberal moderator/news reporter. She had to interfere with the debate and take Obamas side. Both she and Obama are pathetic!

  • left disgusted

    CNN should fire Candy Crowley for impersonating a journalist

  • Bubba

    I think Michelle Obama should be aghaust that they let an fat tubba lard like Candy Crowley moderate a debate. Moreover, what kind of parent names a kid “Candy” in this day and age? Might as well name the kid “Cigarette” or “Benzene.”

  • Donna Hammonds Browder Shomin

    I knew when I saw her name as the moderator that she would never be able to keep her fat mouth shut and by God I was right. All she had to do was announce the names of the people asking the questions and damn she could not even do that! Then she all but crawled into Obama’s pants and gave him a kiss. Made me SICK!

  • goon4203

    She should change her name to salad crowley, guess it is too.hard to fi.d a moderator who can leave petsonal beliefs outside room. Incredible how the media is so in this hacks corner.

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  • Jim

    Candy should apologize for her mistake and that would help. She did make a HUGE error and the fact is Mr. Romney was correct and her action appears to have harmed him. A good person would apologize for misspeaking. Instead it appears she is half defending herself as generally correct in substance…. which is WRONG. Obama did not label the Bengazhi event as an act of terror in the Rose Garden.

    • Carl Wineland

      as Hannity said in 2008 . Journalism is DEAD

  • John Smith

    Showing the pig that she is and I am not talking about her weight

  • Mike

    What the hell are these liberal skanks doing moderating the debates
    Get a man for gods sake

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  • coolblueonetwo

    All she needed was a O’Bama button and a couple of chocolate bars and a apple pie. One sorry excuse for a moderator. Why didn’t she wear her O’Bama button? Soooooeeeeee. Eat another chocolate bar.

  • Fontain

    Candy Crowley embarrassed herself and her profession. Had anyone else in any other industry done what she had done, they would not have job today. She needs to apologize to the American Public and to Mitt Romney. Lesson learned, never let the media modate a Presidential debate.

  • D Penny

    While Barry and Candy were tripping the light fandango in order to fool “low information” voters, Mitt was skipping it in favor of the TRUTH. Problem is….the majority of Americans can’t handle the truth….nor do they want to hear it. Our “press” only presses for their own personal agenda and beliefs, irrespective of what EVERY American citizen deserves and is entitled to know under our Bill of Rights.
    Instead they have whored themselves out at the expense of our individual liberties….including THEIRS. Because they have abused their First Amendment right, don’t be surprised when they lose it entirely…if they haven’t already.

  • D Penny

    Ted Turner, I am talking to you.

  • Carl Wineland

    HOw did Berry know in mid sentence she had it .listen to the timing. This election was rigged. You had a CORRUPT lapdog media and Obama smoke and mirros . Amazing how ignorant this counry has become.